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Grandparents' Rights

Understanding Grandparent Visitation Rights In Barrington, Illinois

In the aftermath of a divorce or paternity determination, the ability of grandparents to maintain a regular relationship with a grandchild can be jeopardized, especially when the primary custodial parent does not get along especially well with the ex-spouse's parents.

If you're a grandparent interested in establishing a regular right to visitation, or if you're a parent who needs to respond to a grandparent's motion, the attorneys of Lucas Law can advise you. Contact us in Barrington for a consultation about your legal alternatives.

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The legal rights of grandparents to enjoy regular visitation with their grandchildren exist in Illinois, but only under certain conditions. The law provides a number of factors the court should consider in determining a grandparent's visitation petition, and the most important of these factors is whether or not regular visitation is in the best interests of the child or children involved.

It's useful to get the support of at least one parent in seeking a visitation order. We can advise you about the likelihood that you can establish a right to visitation in the face of opposition, and if it appears that the facts and the law are on your side we can present your case in court.

Illinois law makes it clear, however, that the preferences of the parents themselves should get greater weight. If both parents oppose regular grandparent visitation, the grandparent's request will almost certainly be denied. If only one parent opposes the request, the court will need to decide the question on the basis of the child's best interests.

Every case is different, just as every family is different, and grandparent rights cases are very sensitive to their specific facts. For dependable advice about your situation, contact a lawyer at Lucas Law in Barrington.

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