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Parental Relocation

The Custodial Parent Wants To Move Away — Now What?

Parental relocation to another state or a city far away is a growing problem throughout the United States. Different states take different approaches to determining the right of a primary custodial parent to move the children away from convenient visitation with the other parent. To learn about your rights concerning the removal of children after divorce under Illinois law, contact a knowledgeable lawyer at Lucas Law in Barrington.

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In Illinois, state law requires a parent who proposes moving with a child to another state to notify the other parent of the intent to relocate. A family court judge can prevent the parent from moving away with the child if it determines after considering certain factors that such a move would not be in the best interest of the child.

Our attorneys can represent the parent on either side of a relocation proposal, but the easier case to make is often that of the parent resisting the move. While the court can't keep a parent from leaving the Chicago area, it can and often will prevent the relocating parent from taking the children along.

Our focus on family law allows us to stay current with legislative developments, and we often find ourselves educating both the other side and the judge about the legal requirements. Parental relocation is an excellent example of an issue where our thorough understanding of the law and its most recent interpretations can benefit our client.

It's not enough to show that the proposed relocation has proper motivations and likely benefits. It's also necessary to show that it's in the best interests of the children involved. If you need help on either side of this difficult issue, get the honest advice and practical assistance you need from an experienced family law attorney. Contact Lucas Law in Barrington for a consultation.

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