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What Does Divorce Cost in Barrington, Illinois?

Attorney Divorce Fees in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago

Illinois law provides that the financially weaker spouse in a divorce case can ask the court to order the other spouse to pay his or her attorney fees while the case is proceeding.

To learn how our approach to attorney fees in divorce works to protect your interest in the marital estate while promoting efficient settlement, contact our office in Barrington for a consultation.

Algonquin, Illinois: We Try To Minimize The Financial Damage Inherent In Divorce

Whenever a single household splits into two without a corresponding increase in income, you can expect a certain amount of financial stress. We do everything possible to keep that stress from turning into a disaster. Attorney fees can eat up a marital estate to the point where the spouses are paying their lawyers to leave themselves broke.

By making one spouse assume the legal expenses of both sides, one side can be tempted to run up the attorney fees while overlooking the obvious fact that these expenses will affect the paying spouse's ability to meet support obligations. Valuable assets of the marital estate might need to be liquidated to cover rising costs. The divorcing spouses themselves are the eventual losers, no matter who's paying the bills on the front end.

By emphasizing practical solutions to divorce problems through negotiation whenever possible, our law firm tries to protect your interest in financial security by keeping your legal expenses down.

From the initial petition to the eventual settlement agreement or divorce decree, you should expect to pay the attorney fees necessary to assure you of the advice you need, but you should avoid wherever possible unnecessary increases in legal expenses through contested hearings or excessive discovery.

We're committed to helping you keep your legal expenses to the minimum consistent with excellent client service. To learn more about our approach to attorney fees in Illinois divorce, contact Lucas Law for a consultation in Barrington.

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