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Attorney for Enforcement of Support Orders in Cary, Palatine and Algonquin

While your divorce decree or settlement agreement means what it says and must be followed to the letter, Illinois law acknowledges that what made sense at the time of the divorce might no longer apply under new circumstances at a later date. You therefore have the opportunity to request or oppose changes in arrangements for child support, visitation, custody or alimony.

Similarly, the law recognizes that people don't always perform on their obligations, so it provides for an enforcement system that has real teeth. If you need advice about any aspect of modification or enforcement following your divorce, contact a lawyer at Lucas Law.

Modification Generally Requires Proof Of A Substantial Change

Minor changes in health, income or the expenses of raising children as they get older will not support a request for modification of spousal maintenance or child support orders. Loss of a job, disability and the birth of a child with another parent, however, are examples of the changed conditions that can support an increase or decrease in support obligations. We can evaluate the specifics of your situation, and give you a good sense of the likelihood that a family court judge will grant your request or uphold your opposition.

Child custody and visitation arrangements can also be modified for reasons ranging from a change of residence or job hours to serious problems or emergencies like chemical dependency or incarceration.

Default In Payment Obligations Can Lead To Enforcement Proceedings

The unexcused failure to pay alimony or child support as provided in a divorce decree or approved settlement agreement can be treated as contempt of court, which can lead to serious consequences: an order to cure the default, to pay the complaining party's attorney fees or even to go to jail.

No matter which side of an enforcement problem you happen to be on, our attorneys can advise you about your rights and the most effective ways to resolve the situation.

Call 847-381-8700 For Advice About Modification Or Enforcement

For an initial consultation about your best options in a situation calling for modification or enforcement of the terms of your divorce decree, contact a knowledgeable lawyer at Lucas Law in Barrington.

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