Top 10 Mistakes People Make in Divorce
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Top 10 Mistakes People Make In Illinois Divorce

Barrington IL Divorce Attorney Tips

During a divorce, it can be difficult to make sound decisions about your children, property, and finances. Unfortunately, even the smallest mistake can have disastrous financial and emotional consequences.

At Lucas Law we strive to help our clients throughout northwestern Illinois avoid these top 10 most common mistakes people make in divorce:

  1. Not seeking legal counsel before filing for divorce — It is important to seek legal counsel before filing for divorce to ensure you understand your options. We will help you gather the necessary information and thoroughly prepare before filing.
  2. Putting children in the middle of your divorce — Unfortunately, some parents use their children as pawns to hurt the other parent or to gain an upper hand in a child custody dispute. It is important to protect your children from the stress of divorce.
  3. Heading straight to the courtroom — In many cases, you may be able to reach a settlement mediation and collaborative law. Not only are these options cost-effective, they can also help you reach a resolution faster.
  4. Improperly valuing assets — Properly valuing assets is key to obtaining an equitable property division.
  5. Transferring or hiding assets — We do not recommend transferring assets during the initial stages of a divorce proceeding. This usually leads the other spouse to file emergency motions to protect the assets, which increases expenses.
  6. Making rash decisions — Emotions are high during the divorce process. A skilled Barrington divorce attorney can help you make sound decisions that are based on facts, not on emotions.
  7. Failing to consider tax implications — Our lawyers will take tax benefits and liabilities into full account when negotiating your divorce settlement agreement.
  8. Asking your spouse to pay your attorney's fees — Some attorneys take clients on a retainer with the promise they will obtain payment of the attorney's fees from the other spouse. We do not engage in, or approve of, this practice. We strive to help you obtain a fair settlement in the most cost-effective manner.
  9. Not complying with the divorce decree — If either party fails to comply with the divorce decree, he or she may be held in contempt. The consequences of contempt are serious and could include jail time and wage garnishment. If your circumstances have changed dramatically, contact us about a modification.
  10. Not updating estate plans after the divorce — Following a divorce, you should examine your estate plan to ensure that it reflects your current needs and goals.

To discuss other common mistakes made in divorce, contact us online or call 847-381-8700. We serve clients throughout the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

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