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Barrington IL Divorce Lawyer for High Net Worth Situations

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Complex Asset Division Attorney Serving Inverness, North Barrington and Surrounding Areas

Having served the needs of clients in the affluent Chicago suburbs surrounding Barrington since 1984, Lucas Law is well-acquainted with the special problems and challenges that can characterize divorce in cases of high net worth or high income. Contact a divorce attorney at our Barrington office to learn about our experience with complex property division, asset protection or tax problems in high net worth cases.

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As an equitable distribution state, Illinois does not insist upon a strictly equal division of marital property in divorce, but aims instead for a division that's fair under all of the circumstances of the case. Our lawyers concentrate first on developing a clear understanding of the size and extent of the marital estate.

We also spot potential issues as to the characterization of particular assets as marital or non-marital property. Generally speaking, property that was acquired before the marriage or which was acquired by gift or inheritance during the marriage is not subject to division between divorcing spouses, and characterization issues can therefore be very important.

Property acquired by either spouse prior to marriage or by gift or inheritance is usually separate property, but the conduct of the spouses or the terms of a premarital agreement could change its character. Our familiarity with the nuances of separate/marital property characterization problems can help you both in negotiations and in court.

Our lawyers advise clients about the best ways to anticipate, avoid or resolve property division problems related to such situations as:

  • Valuation of family business assets or interests in closely held corporations
  • Suspected nondisclosure of assets or undisclosed transfers of assets in the period prior or following the divorce petition
  • Effect or enforceability of prenuptial or postnuptial agreement terms on marital property division questions
  • Marital estates complicated by tax liabilities or tax planning considerations
  • Real estate valuation or liquidation problems
  • Disputes as to the payment of each spouse's attorney fees
  • Appraisal or sale of such unique assets as art collections, antiques or other collectibles

Whenever necessary, we work with appraisers, forensic accountants, handwriting experts, investigators and other specialized professionals who can help us advance your interests on property division issues with a great deal at stake.

For additional information about our ability to advise and represent you effectively in a case of high net worth divorce, contact a seasoned attorney at Lucas Law in Barrington, IL. We offer evening and weekend appointments. Serving Kane County, Cook County, Kane County and McHenry County.

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