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Barrington Business Executive Divorce Lawyers

Meeting The Unique Needs Of Business Executives

For high-earning business executives, there is a lot at stake in a divorce. Compensation plans, stock options, pensions and bonuses may all be subject to equitable distribution. It is important to have an attorney on your side who understands the unique issues you are facing.

For more than 25 years, the lawyers of Lucas Law have been protecting the interests of business executives and their spouses in Illinois. We will help you resolve your family dispute in a discreet and cost-efficient manner. To discuss your legal concerns with one of our experienced Barrington business executive divorce attorneys, contact us online or call 847-381-8700.

Representing Business Executives And Their Spouses

For most couples, it is easy to determine the income and assets of each party. In divorces involving business executives, deferred income such as golden parachutes, stock options or equity in the business can make the process of property division quite complex. Additionally, any compensation plans, pensions and bonuses must be characterized and valued to ensure a fair property settlement for both of the spouses.

We represent business executives and their spouses in high net worth divorces involving:

At Lucas Law we are highly attuned to the unique legal needs of business executives and their spouses. We understand that privacy and cost are your main concerns in any divorce proceeding. We offer collaborative law and mediation services that will allow you to maintain your confidentiality while also keeping costs to a minimum. However, if litigation is necessary in your case, you can rest assured that we have the experience needed to vigorously protect your rights in the courtroom.

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For experienced representation in the complex issues involved in a business executive divorce, contact us online or call 847-381-8700.

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