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Maintaining Your Lifestyle After Divorce

During marriage, a couple grows accustomed to a certain lifestyle. At Lucas Law many of our clients have questions about maintaining this lifestyle after divorce.

We have more than 25 years of experience helping clients throughout northwestern Illinois protect their financial security and lifestyle following a divorce. Through property division, spousal maintenance and child support, it may be possible to maintain an equivalent lifestyle after divorce. For advice about maintaining your lifestyle after divorce, contact us online.

Protecting Your Financial Security

When a marriage ends, many people want to maintain the same lifestyle that was established during the marriage. In some cases, one spouse has been out of the workplace for several years taking care of the children or has a disability that prevents him or her from working.

Spousal maintenance may be awarded to help both spouses maintain the same lifestyle enjoyed during the marriage. There are two types of spousal maintenance: rehabilitative and permanent maintenance. Our lawyers will evaluate your financial situation and help you determine if you can expect to receive or pay maintenance and if so, which type and how much. Our Barrington post-divorce attorneys are familiar with how the courts and judges have ruled on maintenance.

In marriages with children, child support will be awarded to ensure that children are able to live their lives as normally as possible following the divorce.

Sometimes, a disproportionate property settlement is awarded to one of the spouses to help both spouses maintain the current standard of living. Our lawyers are familiar with how judges rule in these situations and what the law allows. We will thoroughly examine your financial situation and provide advice to help you meet your financial goals after divorce.

Contact Our Tower Lakes Spousal Maintenance Attorneys

We can advise you on all aspects of maintaining your lifestyle following divorce. To schedule an initial consultation, contact us or call 847-381-8700.

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