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Do You Suspect Hidden Assets Or Undisclosed Income In Your Divorce?

Illinois law is clear that all wealth accumulated during marriage is shared by the couple. The rules of discovery require that everything be disclosed. Yet some spouses are driven by greed or resentment to try to shield assets or income in divorce.

If you believe that your spouse is holding back or has diverted assets, arrange a consultation with Lucas Law. Our legal team will make every effort to uncover hidden assets so that you receive your fair share in the distribution of marital assets.

An Accounting Background And 30 Years Of Insights

Attorney Joseph M. Lucas has handled divorces in Barrington and the northwest suburbs since 1984. He also brings credentials as a former accountant and real estate broker. With the help of outside professionals, he has revealed and recovered property that was wrongfully withheld from clients in divorce proceedings.

Our lawyers are savvy to various tactics used by spouses to hide marital wealth, such as:

  • Secret bank accounts
  • Shell companies and offshore holdings
  • Transferring property to a friend or relative
  • Liquidating assets without the spouse's knowledge
  • Declaring property as stolen or missing
  • Underreporting income (if self-employed)

The biggest obstacle to recovering hidden assets is locating them in the first place. Through requests for specific documents and by subpoena if necessary, we obtain and decipher bank statements, tax returns, business ledgers, loan applications, recorded deeds and other paper trails.

It Is Not A Fair Settlement Unless Everything Is On The Table

Withholding property seeds distrust and can trigger court sanctions. If you have suspicions, we can put the other party on notice or even pursue a restraining order to freeze accounts and transactions. We will vigorously pursue undisclosed income or assets in your divorce when the likelihood of recovery merits the additional expenditure.

We offer a reduced rate consultation to discuss all aspects of your pending divorce. Call our Barrington law office at 847-381-8700.

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