Separate vs. Marital Property
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Barrington Marital Property Division Lawyers

Helping Clients Throughout Illinois Obtain Fair Property Settlements

During a divorce in Illinois, all marital property will be divided "equitably" between the parties. It is not uncommon for disputes to arise as to whether certain assets are considered marital or separate property.

Having an attorney on your side who understands the characterization of marital and separate property is crucial to arriving at a fair property settlement. At Lucas Law we have more than 25 years of experience representing clients with complex property division issues. Working closely with financial experts, we will help you trace, characterize and properly divide your property. To discuss your case with one of our knowledgeable Barrington marital property division attorneys, contact us online.

Separate Vs. Marital Property

As a general rule, in Illinois, most property that was acquired during the marriage, except gifts, inheritances and trusts, is considered marital property and will be subject to equitable distribution at the time of divorce. However, if any separate property was commingled with marital property, its characterization may have changed.

Our lawyers work with asset tracers, forensic accountants and other financial experts to trace and characterize a wide range of assets, including retirement funds, real estate, businesses and professional practices. We are committed to helping you properly characterize your assets to ensure that you receive a fair property settlement.

If you suspect that your spouse has hidden assets or transferred significant assets out of the marital estate, we will help you protect your interests. Working closely with forensic accountants, we will help you trace the assets. Additionally, we can help you file an emergency motion to ensure that your assets are protected.

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