Child Custody and Visitation
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Child Custody And Visitation

Resolving Child Custody And Visitation Problems In Barrington, Illinois

Disputes between parents as to their primary child custody or visitation rights can be among the most complicated and emotionally charged issues that a divorce case can present. For dependable advice from an experienced family law attorney, contact Lucas Law for a consultation.

Our main objective in child custody and visitation disputes is to help you achieve your goals with a minimum of stress and expense. The better you understand your rights and responsibilities, the easier it will be for you to formulate goals that can be achieved through negotiation.

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Mediation is also available — and sometimes required — to help resolve child custody and visitation disagreements. We recommend a contested court hearing only as a last resort. It's hard to predict how a family court judge will rule on these issues, because the court has a great deal of discretion for determining them. All we can predict with confidence is a great deal of expense.

We therefore work closely with our clients to put you in the best position possible to achieve your goals for your relationship with your children without the need to take your case to court. We know how to highlight your strengths as a parent while helping you get access to the resources you might need to shore up any weaknesses.

We also make sure that you understand that Illinois law presumes that a stable relationship with both parents is in the best interest of any child. Recognizing and respecting the value of your child's relationship with the other parent is a good first step toward achieving your own goals, hard as that might be to accept.

Divorce is usually very stressful for children of any age, and we can help you find ways to protect your children in the difficult circumstances of your case. By keeping the focus on the best interests of your children, we can usually find a way to strengthen your most valuable family relationships on favorable terms.

To learn more about our approach to child custody and visitation issues, including the difficult challenges presented when the primary custodial parent proposes moving the children to another state, contact an experienced lawyer at the firm of Lucas Law in Barrington.

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