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Barrington, Illinois Construction Job Accident Lawyer

Attorney for Work Injuries Caused by Machinery or Equipment in Cook, Kane and McHenry County

There is always a risk of injury when working with power tools and machinery. At a construction site, the risks are even greater. You are surrounded by distractions and hazards. The tools and equipment may be old, borrowed or unfamiliar. And you don't always have the luxury of full safety precautions.

If you were injured on the job by machinery or equipment, you are covered by workers' compensation. But in some cases, you may have grounds to sue other parties for your losses and suffering to obtain additional compensation. The personal injury lawyers of Lucas Law can determine if you have a third-party lawsuit. Call us without delay at 847-381-8700.

We Help Construction Workers Get Full Compensation For Their Injuries

Workers' comp benefits are limited and they can be cut off or reduced. In a lawsuit, we can put a dollar figure on your lost earnings, future medical care, and pain and suffering to provide for future needs if you are not able to return to your construction job.

Although your employer has legal immunity, you may be able to sue third parties such as another subcontractor, the property owner, or a company that rents or services construction equipment. Our attorneys can explore construction machinery and equipment injuries involving:

  • Heavy equipment (crane, bulldozer, backhoe, skid steer)
  • Forklifts and scissor lifts
  • Hoists and scaffolds
  • Band saws and belt sanders
  • Nail guns and pneumatic tools
  • Power saws and electrical tools
  • Air compressors and propane heaters
  • Safety harnesses

Serious Representation For Serious Injuries

We know that these accidents often cause severe and permanent injuries, such as amputations, head trauma, eye injuries, electrical shock, shrapnel wounds or burn injuries. We investigate the circumstances of the accident, such as failure to cordon off the area or failure to warn, a dismantled safety guard or cutoff switch, or carelessness with flammables. We identify the liable parties and document both the negligence and the extent of injuries.

Based in Barrington, Illinois, we handle machine accident and construction injuries throughout the suburbs of Cook, Lake and surrounding counties. Contact us for a free consultation, including evening and weekend appointments.

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