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Barrington, IL Dog Bite Injury Lawyers

Attorney for Dog Bite Victims in Palatine, Cary and Lake Zurich

Dogs are not always the friendly, docile creatures we imagine them to be. Although domesticated, they still have wild instincts and predatory urges. Certain breeds such as pit bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman pinschers and mastiffs are notorious for their aggressive tendencies.

A dog with a history of aggressive behavior poses an ongoing danger. Yet aggression can sometimes surface out of the blue, with no prior warning. In either case, the resulting injuries and emotional trauma can last a lifetime.

Our Goal: Securing A Full And Fair Recovery For You

Many dog bites happen unexpectedly to those who have interacted with the dog in the past. Strangers can also fall victim to an unfamiliar or unrestrained dog. Sadly, a substantial percentage of dog bite victims are children. Young and adult victims alike can tragically end up with lasting physical and emotional scarring as a result of an attack.

If you or your loved one was attacked by a dangerous dog, contact the Illinois law firm of Lucas Law for a free consultation. Based in Barrington, our dog bite lawyers can analyze your options for financial compensation through a personal injury suit. We have successfully helped hundreds of injury victims from all backgrounds. We will work diligently on your behalf, applying nearly three decades of experience to help you, too, obtain a full and fair recovery.

Why You Should Explore Your Legal Options

Many dog bite victims are friends, neighbors or guests of the dog's owner. You may feel reluctant to pursue legal action against the owners, who may be extremely apologetic and remorseful.

Typically, however, the dog owner's insurance policy will provide coverage and serve as a significant source of recovery. Thus you should not hesitate to explore your options and exercise your rights. Our attorneys can identify coverage and help you pursue a strong course of action designed to maximize your compensation.

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In animal attack cases, as in all premises liability and personal injury cases, you can benefit significantly from involving an attorney sooner rather than later. Contact our office today to arrange your free, no-obligation consultation. We offer evening and weekend appointments and you pay no fee unless we secure compensation for you.

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