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Barrington, IL Serious Injury Accident Lawyer

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Severe Injury Attorney Serving Cook, McHenry and Lake Counties

The more extensive the injuries, the more your case is worth — and the harder the insurance companies and defense firms will work to limit your compensation. If your family is coping with a permanent injury, our law firm is built to obtain full value for your claims.

Lucas Law has a solid track record with severe and life-changing injuries. Our access to medical advisors allows us to prescreen cases and assign resources to those clients who can benefit most from our experience and skill. This gives us an advantage over other firms in the medical aspects of liability and in maximizing damages.

Comprehensive Compensation For Future Needs

Some of our clients will never walk again or work again. Others will recover some function but life will never be the same again. Where insurance companies and employers want to assign a fixed value to a disability, we consider the extent of injury and the lifelong impact on employment and daily life for that individual. We seek compensation not only for the economic loss but the personal hardships and suffering.

From 35 years of practice, founding attorney Joseph Lucas can anticipate the medical issues and care needs associated with disabling injuries such as:

Our clients may need surgery and rehab, nursing care, special medical equipment, expensive medications, modifications of their home and vehicles, vocational retraining, psychological counseling and many other services.

We Lay The Medical Foundation For A Maximum Result

Our legal team has developed relationships with medical specialists in many fields, from orthopedic doctors and neurologists to physical therapists and plastic surgeons. We employ these physicians to establish the medical basis for personal injury claims. Those doctors have direct access to the top experts in their fields. This front-end investment translates into full monetary damages when we can demonstrate medical causation, prognosis for recovery and specific services that our clients will need in the months and years ahead.

We know that our approach pays off in better settlements and favorable verdicts. Call 847-381-8700 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation about your loved one's serious injuries. Located in Barrington, our lawyers serve the northwest suburbs and northern Illinois. We offer evening and weekend appointments, and we can come to your home or hospital.

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