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Recovering Personal Injury Damages After Hearing Loss

 Posted on October 15, 2019 in Catastrophic Injuries

Recovering Personal Injury Damages After Hearing LossCatastrophic injuries often cause severe injuries that can be permanent or last for a long time. Deafness in one or both ears is one of the most frightening consequences you may suffer from an injury. There is no ignoring it when you have lost your hearing – you are forced to adjust every aspect of your life. If you are fortunate, your hearing may recover over time or hearing aids may allow you to function. Those who are less fortunate may be permanently deaf, forever impairing their ability to work, perform certain tasks and enjoy life. No matter the extent of your hearing loss, you deserve compensation if another party was at fault for the injury that caused your deafness.

Common Causes

Hearing loss injuries are most commonly associated with workplace injuries, such as being exposed to loud noises over an extended period. These cases fall under workers’ compensation law, which is separate from personal injury law and has more limits on the compensation you can collect. However, a hearing loss injury can also fall outside of workers’ compensation law, allowing you to file a lawsuit against someone other than your employer. For instance:

  • A third-party manufacturer may be liable for a faulty product that damaged your hearing or failed to protect you.
  • A negligent party may have caused an extreme noise that damaged your hearing.
  • Ear and brain injuries during a collision, such as a car crash, can cause hearing loss.

It can be difficult to connect your hearing loss to a specific incident because the effect may be delayed. You also must prove that you did not lose your hearing naturally with age or due to factors that are separate from the incident.


People who file personal injury lawsuits after suffering hearing loss can claim that they need compensation for several expenses related to their condition, including:

  • Emergency medical care after the injury
  • Continued treatment of the hearing loss
  • Equipment, such as hearing aids
  • Lost wages due to their disability
  • Diminished enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering

Contact a Barrington Personal Injury Attorney

It is important to see a doctor immediately when you have suffered a catastrophic injury and when you notice symptoms such as hearing loss. Immediate medical attention not only improves your chance of recovery but also creates a medical record connecting your injury with your current condition. A Barrington, Illinois, personal injury lawyer at Joseph M. Lucas & Associates, LLC, can help you collect compensation from any party that is liable for your injury. To schedule a consultation, call 847-381-8700.


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