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Five Keys to a Peaceful Divorce Resolution

Posted on in Divorce

Five Keys to a Peaceful Divorce ResolutionThe decision to divorce is often born from a conflict between two people, but the actual process does not need to be tenuous. It is advantageous for you and your spouse to have an amicable divorce because the process will be quicker and you are more likely to be happy with the resulting agreement. The reason for your divorce and each of your personalities can determine whether the process will be peaceful. Infidelity or abuse may make you bitter and defensive towards your spouse. However, you can decide to behave in a way that encourages an amicable divorce:

  1. Be Respectful: You should enter each negotiation session with a spirit of civility and respect. If you are struggling to respect your spouse, you can at least respect the negotiation process. Set the tone for the negotiations by being calm and non-combative, and do not respond if your spouse tries to incite an argument.
  2. Do Not Dwell on Past Mistakes: Talking about the problems in your marriage that led to divorce is a waste of time and can derail your negotiations. You have already decided to divorce. The purpose of your negotiations is to determine how you will separate your lives. Continuing to argue about who was to blame for your divorce is distracting you from your goal.
  3. Choose Your Arguments: There are parts of your divorce that you should be able to quickly agree on, such as who will keep certain properties. However, some divorcees turn every detail of divorce into an argument, which needlessly lengthens the process. Save your arguments for issues that are important to you.
  4. Be Amenable: You will sometimes disagree with your spouse during an amicable divorce but should try to remain reasonable. Understand the give-and-take nature of a negotiation. Giving up one thing in a divorce may allow you to keep another thing that you value more.
  5. Know When to Take a Break: If you find yourself becoming emotional and irrational, suggest pausing the negotiations and returning after you have calmed down. Allowing your emotions to escalate may cause a larger argument that leads to a breakdown in negotiations.

Contact a Barrington Divorce Attorney

A high-conflict divorce can be expensive and leave you with emotional scars after the process is over. An amicable divorce is possible if both sides agree to be civil and willing to cooperate towards a common goal. A Barrington, Illinois, divorce lawyer at Joseph M. Lucas & Associates, LLC, can advise you on the best tactics for having a peaceful divorce. To schedule a consultation, call 847-381-8700.


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