b2ap3_thumbnail_focus.jpgA divorce easily brings out the worst in people in many cases. Emotions are running the gamut from anger to fear to helplessness. However, when you are divorcing, it can be easy to become a prisoner to those emotions and ignore important matters when it comes to your future.

When you keep emotions out of divorce and base your decisions on advice garnered from your attorney, financial planner and other professionals, you can get through your divorce and still have your financial future intact.

At Lucas Law we understand how difficult this time is. We also know that protecting your assets so that you can move on after your divorce is final is important, too. We work diligently to negotiate workable and acceptable settlements, and use alternative dispute resolution when possible to come to those settlements.

High asset divorces can involve many different types of assets, including real estate, stocks and other investments, retirement accounts, art collections, vehicles and much more. Each marital asset needs to be valued because Illinois is an equitable distribution state. This means that the assets -- and the debts -- are split evenly and fairly. This does not mean that those assets will be split 50/50.

We know that there are instances where a spouse may try to hide assets from the other spouse. We have a great deal of experience in tracking down hidden assets and have access to forensic accountants and other financial professionals.

If you need more information about high net worth divorce and some of the issues that arise, visit our webpages on the topic.