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Mediation: Having accurate expectations

Posted on in Divorce


Mediation can be a wonderful tool for couples going through a divorce. It provides them more control over the situation and helps them reach an agreement in a cooperative atmosphere instead of the adversarial setup of the trial process. Mediation isn't just reserved for those who are able to communicate well with their soon-to-be ex and can be especially helpful for those who have trouble articulating their expectations.

While mediation is often faster than the traditional divorce process, it's not a lightning fast process. Just like it takes time and planning to put together a wedding, a divorce agreement must also be drafted and revised with care. Over the course of the mediation, it's normal to need three to four sessions, lasting an average of two hours each.

If there are little to no hiccups, all the sessions may be able to take place in as little as a month. However, no two divorces are alike, and there may be some challenging situations — such as the presence of high value or complicated assets or the need for a nontraditional custody agreement — that can extend that time frame.

If you go into mediation with a full understanding of the process and how long it may take, you can be better prepared to handle any twists or turns that come up. Talking with a family law attorney is the best way to get that understanding. Your attorney can let you know what to expect and notify you of anything in your particular situation that may make things take longer than usual.

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