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Why should my ex and I co-parent after a divorce?

Posted on in Child Custody


Parents usually set the tone for how the relationship between them and their child is handled after a divorce. When the parents decide that they are going to co-parent, the tone is usually a positive and upbeat one that can benefit the child. If you and your child's other parent are considering a co-parenting arrangement after your divorce, you should know some basic points.

How does co-parenting benefit the child?

Co-parenting benefits the child by providing a more stable environment. Generally, co-parents work together to come up with rules, which means that the rules are more consistent from house to house than what might be possible if there isn't a co-parenting agreement. The child also learns how to problem solve and that adults can cooperate even in stressful situations. That healthy example can set the stage for the rest of the child's life.

How are disagreements handled?

You and your ex will have to decide how to handle disagreements that come up as you co-parent. This isn't always easy, but it can help if you remember that your child is the focus of the arrangement. You have to decide that you aren't going to let your emotions, such as hurt from the end of the marital relationship, rule when it is time to work out things pertaining to your child. You should look at the facts and make agreements based on what your child needs.

A strong parenting agreement is the backbone of a productive co-parenting arrangement. Make sure that the parenting agreement touches on all points that you feel strongly about so that you and your ex have somewhere to turn for guidance about specific issues.

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